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Journal Entry #28 – Learning the Violin: Day Two

Well, it’s Day Two of having a violin, and I’ve made some great strides in learning the notes on the finger board and a great deal about the instrument, in general. I’ve also snapped several strings, since the ones that came with the violin were kind of flimsy and apparently not installed properly for me to be able to tighten them to the right pitches. As such, I also wound up ordering another set of strings that are supposed to be of a better, sturdier quality (which I hope is true); those strings are supposed to arrive by Wednesday.

Before too many strings snapped, though, I was able to teach myself how to reinstall two of the strings on the higher end of the scale, the A and E strings, and play a rough version of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” So that was a nice achievement.

While waiting for those extra strings to arrive by UPS, I might just visit one of the music shops in the nearest town (around 45 minutes away by car) to ask their advice, possible help in restringing my violin, and get a proper tuning so everything is set up just right (with some additional questions about lubricating the bow with rosin).

Whew! In other words, getting the violin is turning into something of an adventure that has encouraged me to not only learn new things but travel elsewhere to speak with people who know a great deal more about stringed musical instruments than I do.

I’ll keep everyone posted on my findings!


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