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Chloe Violin (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Based on my recent experiences with the violin, which I’ve finally managed to get tuned just right and restrung with new, better-quality strings. So, now it feels like I’m able to really start learning to play various pieces and reading the sheet music for it. It probably sounds weird, butContinue reading “Chloe Violin (A Poem)”

Journal Entry #28 – Learning the Violin: Day Two

Well, it’s Day Two of having a violin, and I’ve made some great strides in learning the notes on the finger board and a great deal about the instrument, in general. I’ve also snapped several strings, since the ones that came with the violin were kind of flimsy and apparently not installed properly for meContinue reading “Journal Entry #28 – Learning the Violin: Day Two”

Journal Entry #27–Adventures in Playing the Violin

UPS delivered my full-size (or 4/4) violin the other afternoon. It came in a comfy case, alongside a hydrometer (to measure the humidity), rosin (to lubricate the bow string), and extra strings. After getting over the initial wonder at the smooth texture of its body and lightness, other little details became apparent. For instance, IContinue reading “Journal Entry #27–Adventures in Playing the Violin”

Journal Entry #26–I’m Getting a Violin!

I happened to come across a reasonably priced violin on Amazon recently. Having always admired the sweet songs that violins can create, and curious about trying out a stringed instrument, I placed an order for it. Then my family members learned about this move, and started rushing out to order things like beginning violin booksContinue reading “Journal Entry #26–I’m Getting a Violin!”

Lost Media (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Based on some musings I’ve had on the titular subject, especially old shows from childhood that are now difficult to find–mostly because they never made the move from one type of media to another. Are there any examples of lost media that you would love to find again someday?] LikeContinue reading “Lost Media (A Poem)”

Vibrant Lyrics (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: The world has its own soundtrack, and I love that fact. ^_^] I love to lay back and listen    to the sweet melodies             of the world The gentle swish a breeze makes   as it tickles meadow grasses     or the distant cries          from hawk couples       Continue reading “Vibrant Lyrics (A Poem)”

Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations

My parents own a Crosley radio with a cassette and CD player. It can even play the old records they have kept stashed away in their garage for years, which especially excites my mother. And sometimes I also like to just switch on the radio, rather than the television, to hear music while helping outContinue reading “Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations”

Unexpected Music: A College Memory (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Based on a true story of something that happened while I was a university student.] On a rainy evening deep in the Spring                (I believe) on a Friday    I sat alone in a study room       on the fourth floor of       the university library              after aContinue reading “Unexpected Music: A College Memory (A Poem)”

Night Music (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: True story.] Once when evening filled the countryside     I felt inspired to pull out my harmonica                  (a simple tremolo)        and serenade the full silver moon         with an idle melody                      that never received a name Seated beside an opened bedroom window      the gentle cadence flowedContinue reading “Night Music (A Poem)”

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