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I’m Joyce Jacobo, a freelance writer with an MA in Literature & Writing Studies. My work has appeared in anthologies such as the San Diego Poetry Annual and Reading Harbor’s Seeking Human Kindness, as well as university publications like Bravura, and Oh, Cat. Some of my recent assignments have included long-term legal transcription work for National Capitol Contracting and book reviewing for the US Review of Books.

If you would like to contact me with suggestions for improving this site, wish to submit guest postings, or want to request my assistance with freelance writing projects, please feel free to contact me at the email address below, or use the form at the bottom of this message:

Thank you so much!


2 thoughts on “Contact Me/About Me

    1. Thank you for coming to visit. It means a lot to me. I’m thrilled to hear my site looks nice. It took quite a bit to figure out how to get all the menus arranged, and how to get any postings to show up in the right spots.

      Inkheart is amazing. All the novels in that series are great, in fact; they just have so much imagination! As such, I couldn’t think of a better book to write a review about first.

      Brendan Frasier did an awesome job playing Mo.

      Have you ever read Cornelia Funke’s The Thief Lord, by the way? It sounds like there was a film adaptation made of that one as well, although I haven’t seen it yet.

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