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Garden of Bronze (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on the sculpture garden by Ricardo Breceda, which I’ve passed on a number of occasions. It’s a wonderful place.]

Along a certain highway

     far               from any city or town

        there exists a conspicuous garden

            composed of grand     bronze figurines

                 sculpted down to the most intricate details

Eagles rest upon nearby hilltops

                their wings forever spread in readiness

                                 to soar towards the skies above

       Horses hitched to elaborate stagecoaches

              remain frozen in mid-dash

                       manes blown

                                 by nonexistent winds

      Even a dolphin caught in a great leap

                      as if out of a vast      sandy sea

         …so many moments


By day                  people move among them

            take pictures            

                     make donations

                           and carry away memories

                                          from that strange place

Then          as the moon rises among starry skies

                                      untainted by light pollution

            the garden opens           to creatures of the desert




                                                                       and numerous others

                                 as they slip among these strange sights

                                             crawl upon        or sniff their surfaces

                                                    and leave with memories made

                                                                  of their own

That place built from bronze

        has come to know crowds

              with perspectives different

                     by night                 and day

                                 yet has gained

                                           the admiration of both

                       …which might just

                                        be its most remarkable feature

                                                                                            of all


10 thoughts on “Garden of Bronze (A Poem)

    1. I’m thrilled you could see everything so vividly. It really is a wondrous place. I’ve heard the sculptor began his collection by creating a bronze T-Rex sculpture for his daughter, after they had watched Jurassic Park together. And it just kind of grew from there.

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  1. Such beautiful imagery, brings to mind the bronzes I’ve seen and loved as well.
    Especially loved:
    “as the moon rises among starry skies

    untainted by light pollution

    the garden opens to creatures of the desert”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes . . . the Mustangs at Las Colinas are probably the most prominent example—tear-rending display that hearkens the past directly through the middle of a major city center.

        Liked by 1 person

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