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Welcome to The Literary Serenity Archives, a blog dedicated to highlighting fun, cheerful, and uplifting stories in the hopes of brightening the lives of anyone who reads them. Narratives surround us in everyday life–written on the pages of books, found in the history of various locations, enjoyed as fond memories connected to specific recipes, and furthered by the actions of charitable organizations driven to write brighter chapters for the future.

This site is a small way to celebrate those types of tales, in a world brimming with beauty and wonders.

For now, here are the main features planned (subject to development and ideas):

Welcome = You are here!

-Latest Posts=Includes latest posts or updates on this site.

Journal Entries = Focuses on my daily life and journey to become a professional writer.

Articles = This section includes articles on various topics, such as “Travel Destinations,” “Cats,” “Holidays,” and “On Writing and Fiction.”

Reviews = Discusses books, music, foods, and travel destinations.

Creative Writing Portfolio = Has samples of my creative work.

Featured Writers = Highlights inspiring pieces from writers and other artists making their voices heard and bringing some sunshine to the world.

Reblogged Bloggers=Reblogged posts from uplifting bloggers.

-Archives and Literary Organizations = Details archives elsewhere on the web filled with great stories; this section also highlights organizations related to writing, reading, books, etc. that are helping to make the world a better place.

Contact Me = Includes my contact information—to give feedback or suggestions for these archives, reach out to me about possible freelance projects, etc.

Please feel free to comment and give suggestions below!