Journal Entry #21–Creative Gems Collaboration Released!

A project four months in the making is now available, Creative Gems. My friend Andrea, a brilliant children’s book illustrator, challenged writers to match poems and short stories with her artwork for this collaboration, and every step of the process was exciting to see happen. I was among the more than 20 writers to submitContinue reading “Journal Entry #21–Creative Gems Collaboration Released!”

Journal Entry #20–A Strawberry Moon and Some Good News

Hello everyone! The last several days have been eventful, and summertime is almost here. I must admit that I’m very excited about taking advantage of good weather to hopefully travel around a bit and write about different places. Tonight, though, we’re supposed to enjoy a full moon, otherwise known as a “Strawberry Moon.” Whoever decidedContinue reading “Journal Entry #20–A Strawberry Moon and Some Good News”

Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations

My parents own a Crosley radio with a cassette and CD player. It can even play the old records they have kept stashed away in their garage for years, which especially excites my mother. And sometimes I also like to just switch on the radio, rather than the television, to hear music while helping outContinue reading “Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations”

Journal Entry #18 (Requesting some Writerly Assistance)

It has been more than two months now since I started this WordPress blog. Being on here has been a wonderful experience, especially because I’ve gotten to connect with great writers and friends. My hope is to continue developing the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional writer. To that end, does anyone happenContinue reading “Journal Entry #18 (Requesting some Writerly Assistance)”

Journal Entry #17

Good news at last! My mom has finally gotten scheduled for her full knee surgery in August. It is a huge relief, since during the last two years, she has needed quite a bit of help just to get around, but has also been sent from one test to the next–frustrated time after time withContinue reading “Journal Entry #17”

Journal Entry #16

The small town where I grew up has just gained its first larger general store–a Dollar General. More people are flocking to the area, and the older and much smaller, far-more-limited market (which had already been doing poorly for quite a while), has closed down. Some of its stock has gone to the Dollar General,Continue reading “Journal Entry #16”

Journal Entry #15

Happy Easter! Spring really is in full swing now, and it is a time to celebrate new life and fresh starts. So many has happened, but I think life is moving in a brighter direction for me, thanks in part to this WordPress blog, and friends’ advice here and on DeviantArt. Being able to pointContinue reading “Journal Entry #15”

Journal Entry #14

Oh my goodness, I am now an official book reviewer for the US Review of Books! It’s the first regular, paid freelance writing position I’ve gotten after the steady stream of transcription assignments I usually did dried up. The whole thing really does feel like the beginning of a brighter chapter in my life, whichContinue reading “Journal Entry #14”

Journal Entry #12

I have some great news to report. The US Review of Books accepted my application to become a book reviewer, and if everything goes well with my first review for them, I will get taken on as a permanent part of their team. It is an exciting opportunity, especially since I’ve heard great things aboutContinue reading “Journal Entry #12”

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