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Journal Entry #38-Literary Observations has been published!!!!

Good news! Amazon has accepted the Kindle/E-book and paperback versions of Literary Observations, a collection of my short stories and poems, and it is now available on their site. It also means that I’m an author of my own self-published book, which is a wonderful feeling–especially right before Christmas.

Here is a link to Literary Observations on Amazon:

I hope everyone enjoys it! It would also help me out a great deal as well if you would like to leave a review. The whole self-publishing process through Amazon has been quite a fun journey and process, completed thanks, once again, to the great advice and help from Andrea Benko. ^_^

The only thing I will note is there there are some formatting differences between the Kindle/E-book and paperback versions of Literary Observations, mostly due to technical difficulties. Specifically, the paperback version has a table of contents with page numbers. Meanwhile, the Kindle/E-book version lacks that table of contents and pages numbers in favor of sections separating all the short stories from all the poems; however, you can still see a list of all the contents by going to the Amazon store page and clicking on the book cover for a sneak preview. The formatting for the poems is also different in the Kindle/E-book version, but hopefully retains the same spirit, overall.

Anyway, it’s exciting!!!


24 thoughts on “Journal Entry #38-Literary Observations has been published!!!!

    1. Awww, thank you so much! I hope you enjoy it! It has been a wonderful experience, and I’m already working on another creative project–this time either a novella or a novel. ^_^ Dreams are coming true.

      Hope your holidays have been awesome so far! It’s hard to believe Christmas is so close.


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