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Chloe Violin (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on my recent experiences with the violin, which I’ve finally managed to get tuned just right and restrung with new, better-quality strings. So, now it feels like I’m able to really start learning to play various pieces and reading the sheet music for it. It probably sounds weird, but I’ve also nicknamed my violin “Chloe.”]

It feels as if Iโ€™ve

  brought home a peculiar creature

               with a delicate          light body

          that lays along one of my arms

                             as I stroke its belly

                                  in attempts to stir melodies

Most of those caresses            so far

      have resulted in scratchy        and uneasy notesโ€”

                    and the snapping of a string or two

                              which needed replacement

Each mistake                    (however)

          is a learning experience

              where I have begun to realize

                      the subtle complexity of its aspects

                          alongside the ways they flow

                                     into a unified whole

On occasion                   I even find

       a sweet           sonorous tone

             slips into my bow strokes

                        like signs of acceptance

                                     from my new    wooden companion

            that someday

                              we might very well

                                            make beautiful music



14 thoughts on “Chloe Violin (A Poem)

    1. Thank you so much, Cindy. It has been a lot of fun to learn about the violin as an instrument, and how everything works together. Within this first week of having one, I’ve wound up unstringing and restringing the chords, rearranging the wooden bridge below the finger board, and sticking back on other parts of the violin to get everything in working order, as well as figuring out how to tune the strings properly. So even just setting up everything has taught me a lot about it. Whew! ^_^ Now to actually play a few pieces…. Hah!


    1. Thanks. Learning more about the violin as an instrument, in terms of its parts and how everything fits together, has been quite an experience. Until now, I’d only really seen pictures or videos of violins, rather than ever even touch one, so I keep getting impressed by how light and delicate it is.

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  1. Whenever I see one of your pieces, I always try to figure out the actual shape of the poem. What is she trying to tell us? Is there meaning in the shape of the poem (I thought it might look like a violin but I don’t see that…) or is it just how the words flow for you?

    I like the bit about the sign of the creature’s acceptance when you hit a clean note. Nicely put.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, thank you for the high praise. In this instance, I was hoping to invoke some imagery of stroking a bowstring across the violin. Learning how to hold the bow has been an adventure in and of itself so far, after all. ^_^ And the violin just seems to have a mind of its own sometimes. I’m glad we’re starting to “get along” a bit better, though. Haha.

      Anyway, thanks again! ^_^

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  2. Chloe is a pretty name and fits this instrument, as does this poemโ€” beautifully shaped, flowing like the music it inspires in you. You’ll be great together!

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