Lost Media (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on some musings I’ve had on the titular subject, especially old shows from childhood that are now difficult to find–mostly because they never made the move from one type of media to another. Are there any examples of lost media that you would love to find again someday?]

Like sugar

    spun into long strands

         of cotton candy

                  crafted dreams can change—

              translated from one medium

                           into another form

                       as techniques evolve

                              alongside our knowledge

                                    of ways to make

                                  impossible ideas

                                          mundane realities

            . . . but still

                        sometimes those dreams

                                drift away on

                        unexpected breezes

                                 to unknown destinations



                                      remembered only

                                             as vague memories




                               and more

                                       …rediscovered over time

                                                      or lost forever

 A natural flow of creativity

             tinged with melancholy

          that I sometimes ponder

                         on blessedly cool


Sometimes such dreams appear

            in peculiar places

                  grasped again and recalled

                          with fondness

           … although I wonder

                          at all the things forgotten

                               in the tides

                                         of time…

26 thoughts on “Lost Media (A Poem)

      1. Books would be Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys are always a classic as for tv shows for cartoons I can find it on youtube. But I sti have a hard time finding XENA the Warrior Princess and there was a time Dwayne the Rock Johnson in The Legend of Hercules

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      2. Ah, all of those are wonderful series! Thankfully, certain series have slowly begun to be released as time passes, so perhaps Xena the Warrior Princess will appear on shelves someday soon.


      3. Oh dear. Well, there is also the possibility of finding a copy if you do any online shopping, since if it’s available in some form. You might be able to get it shipped to you, even from another country. Hopefully you can find it! ^_^


      1. I wish one of these networks would stream “I dream of Jeanie” and “Bewitch” or the spin off “Tabitha”.
        The magic garden is a 1970’s children’s show. I used to love it when I was a small child and still remember the songs and stories. It was wonderful and I searched for it when my kids were little but never found it.💕

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      2. I feel like at least one or two networks would stream those shows. After all, they were so well-loved. If I happen to learn of one, I’ll be sure to let you know. ^_^ As for The Magic Garden–that’s wonderful! I’ll have to look it up. Maybe there are at least clips on YouTube. It feels old enough where there might be something posted there.

        Liked by 1 person

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