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Light Performance (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on a thunderstorm enjoyed several months ago. I’m hoping for another one shortly, alongside plenty of rainfall.]

Last night I watched a performance

        high in the skies

             where murky clouds formed a stage

                        as streaks of powerful light

                              blazed through the darkness

                                                  in grand arches

               Each flash

                     In the wake of others

                                                                 akin to skilled dancers

                                                                        choreographed by nature

                            while every crackle

                                   echoed like earthly applause

                   For their audience was the world

                            as they commanded attention

                                     amid their powerful bursts




                            …teachers who

                                         challenge us to take the stage

                                              in our own unique ways

                                                        to light up the heavens

                                                                 for all to see 


27 thoughts on “Light Performance (A Poem)

    1. Agreed. I hope we both get that much-needed rain. Here, there is apparently supposed to be some rain on the way, but those storm clouds have a weird tendency to swerve around my area. It’s uncanny, but hopefully not this time. ^_^


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