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For Those Who Grant the Wishes of Children (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! At this time of the year, as with throughout the year, there are so many charitable people and organizations doing their part to give those in need cheer and a better future. This poem is for them.]

Let this poem become a marked tribute

  for all those people and organizations

  whose mission in life is to fill the hearts

  of children in desperate need with hope

          until they overflow in happiness

Like superheroes of wishes for the young

    angels on call throughout each year

They arrange for miracles to happen

     such as an elementary school graduation

               attended at last by a sick child

         or another child who had lost his vision

                   able to enjoy a hands-on water park

I even heard of a little boy

   turned into the Caped Crusader

     in order to save an entire city from villainy

           helped along by thousands of those kind souls

These granters of wishes have appeared

      in post offices late in December

        to help Santa Claus with his letters

        and ease the workload of the jolly elf

            often with gifts sent to just the right addresses

They reach out through various mediums

     to raise funds so that children

        can stay healthy and fight diseases

Sometimes they work to reunite families

       or strive to help start new ones

Or they simply offer words of comfort

   for youthful minds and open hearts

       eager to find brighter futures

My heart fills with joy at the sight

   of these wondrous events over the year

   and the way communities transform in the wishes

   turned into a reality by the efforts of countless individuals

          as if in proof that human generosity

           shines like a beacon in our world


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