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The Stories We Weave (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I love the way that we can take most situations that we face and use them as inspiration for all kinds of stories.]

If you are unwell on a day

when murky skies loom overhead

 allow me to transport you

  with a little tale of gnomes

  who ride about our world

   in storm clouds

    and fiddle with all manner

     of instruments to help

     the forces of nature along

If the starry heavens confuse

    or even overwhelm you

 I will trace the constellations

  and relate the elegant dances

   performed across the skies

    as they shift

      throughout the year

Just little stories

 woven here and there

Like a tale of a warrior

 able to stare down a dragon–

  when you grow nervous about

     a job interview

Or perhaps one

of an anxious singer who

  found the courage to calm

    restless spirits

  with her melodious voice–

    when you have stage fright

I wish to give you stories

 to help overcome hard moments

  to strengthen the good times

   and simply to enjoy

Because we each

weave stories into our lives

 and while I cannot wave a wand

  to change the world

   I can give you narratives

    that show you

      the things

        it can be


    … perhaps

       might make

         all the difference


23 thoughts on “The Stories We Weave (A Poem)

  1. What a positively uplifting flight of fancy you weaved for us Joyce! I needed to be pulled from reality and taken to the stars and all things possible.I love the innocence of our days when anything and everything was our bedtime stories always assured us ❀️


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