Simply Writing (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: What more can I say?]

To write…

   nothing is more simple or complex

          like each breath taken

                           the stars that appear at night

                           forest canopies rustled by invisible forces

                      or ripples caused by stones tossed into ponds

A simple act

     that changes little or a great deal

          such as a smile entrusted to a stranger

                           visits to unfamiliar towns born from curiosity

                      or time spent jotting notes onto paper at odd moments

It is worthwhile to view both angles

     even if I never fully understand them or adjoining perspectives

            because they make life a constant series of questions to develop

                                                                                          possibilities to explore

                                                                                   and boundaries to shatter

Until then         I will continue to write

       to defy a single conclusion or multiple interpretations

              of what can ever be in life

                            …a contradiction that is easy to contemplate

                                                   but difficult to explain

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