Archway of Hope (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I remember gazing out the third-story floor of an academic building, back when I was in college, and glimpsing a vibrant rainbow that seemed to bend from the nearby mountains (shrouded in mist) down to the parking lot. That image has stayed with me since then.]

It appears at the edge of many storms

                            even the darkest

                 (or perhaps especially so)

       when breaks appear in the clouds

              that loom overhead

                   to let in the light

                 while a light drizzle

                might still fall like gentle

                        caresses upon

                         those below    

An archway of color

             constructed in mid-air

   that slopes upward            and then downward

                           a light ribbon

        offered as a consolation for those who

                  keep their chins up despite the weariness

                                stormy weather can bring

Such a hopeful sight is a much finer treasure

                       than any pot

                   (or maybe pots)

                            of gold 

            one might find at either end—

                    a natural miracle for all to share

                                 and therefore invaluable

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