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A Kitty Wake-Up Call (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Another poem about my cat.]

Sweet kitty cat               I can hardly believe

          you just reached out

                with one little black paw


                    booped me on the nose

I have awoken so many times

      to the gentle rumbles of your internal engine

           as you lay curled atop the comforter

                 only inches away from my face

I have awoken some mornings

        to the soft spring of your strong legs


                       onto the bed

               and felt their pressure

          when you balanced atop my arm

                       until I got up

I have even awoken on occasion

        to hear the commotion of a plush bird

             attached by a string

                    to the tip of a stick

                         as you dragged it down the hall

                              through the ajar door

                                  right to my bedside

                                          then meowed aloud

But I have never awoken            

      to a paw boop upon the nose

                 at 6:00 in the morning…

                      …it makes me excited to discover

                                what antics you will try


                                 …my sweet kitty

                                            alarm clock


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