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Food Review: Three Green Tea Snacks

I cannot deny a bias towards Green Tea among all the teas available in that particular aisle in my local grocery store. Alongside numerous health benefits, there is a just something about its unique flavor, especially when tweaked with a bit of honey, which can ease a soul into wakefulness each morning and soothe itContinue reading “Food Review: Three Green Tea Snacks”

Autumn Delights (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Yet another Autumn-themed poem, but I’m just looking forward to Autumn so much. However, even now, certain flavors and special little twists of the season have started to appear. What are your favorite treats of the season?] Spices waft through the crisp air       like promises of change—                                                               cinnamonContinue reading “Autumn Delights (A Poem)”