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Opened Wings (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Do you often have dreams were you get to fly? The feeling is remarkable.] Deep in my dreams. . .            I learned that I could fly With opened wings                         fully extended             I took to the skies with just                                    a little touch of trepidation Fearful to fall fromContinue reading “Opened Wings (A Poem)”

Yourself: A Poem — Love13Reading

Look to the skies and the paradise aboveAnd calm your mind in worries and sorrowsSing with the wind and the meadows belowBut don’t look to the sadness that is lurking above Ignore the words that the unwise preachAnd walk with the tunes that the wise teachDance with the smiles that come your wayBut don’t care […]Continue reading “Yourself: A Poem — Love13Reading”