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Food Review: Three Green Tea Snacks

I cannot deny a bias towards Green Tea among all the teas available in that particular aisle in my local grocery store. Alongside numerous health benefits, there is a just something about its unique flavor, especially when tweaked with a bit of honey, which can ease a soul into wakefulness each morning and soothe itContinue reading “Food Review: Three Green Tea Snacks”

Journal Entry #40–Reviews and Happiness

It felt wonderful to start 2023 with a self-published book on Amazon, Literary Observations, and being able to publish a book has been a huge dream for me. But, what really made me smile during this past week was that two people gave the collection very thoughtful reviews, alongside five-star ratings. One of those peopleContinue reading “Journal Entry #40–Reviews and Happiness”

A Little Treasure Trove Known as the US Review of Books

Website: The US Review of Books offers a nice little archive of books to discover, and as the name suggests, they also review books–from self-published works to ones handled by traditional publishers. Many of the books mentioned on their site are mostly those that haven’t received too much publicity in mainstream media, but theyContinue reading “A Little Treasure Trove Known as the US Review of Books”