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Literary Structures (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: I just love the thought of books being like structures we, as readers, get invited to explore.] A simple pen touched to a blank canvas page      can lay the foundation for a new chapter             in many textual lives—                        born from words to breathe                              upon each readingContinue reading “Literary Structures (A Poem)”

A Reading Experience (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: I’ve read that we are never read the same work twice, meaning that each time we approach a text, we approach it from a new perspective. We might think of different things, for instance, as an adult reading a tale we enjoyed as a child–and notice new aspects of theContinue reading “A Reading Experience (A Poem)”

Reading list — Keep it alive

Today, Dr Tanya has asked our opinion on this quote by George R R Martin TODAY’S QUOTE: “You need to read everything. Read fiction, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers. Read history, historical fiction, biography. Read mystery novels, fantasy, SF, horror, mainstream, literary classics, adventure, satire. Every writer has something to teach you, for good or ill. (And […]Continue reading “Reading list — Keep it alive”

A Well-Written Story (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Dedicated to all those stories that make our lives so magical. ^_^] A well-written story . . .    is like a lucid dream       where words           melt               away                   into                 meaning A well-written story . . .       becomes an enchantment of experiences         woven withContinue reading “A Well-Written Story (A Poem)”

Familiar Connections (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: A true story. I met her at a thrift shop on a military base, which has probably been closed for quite a while now. Its book section consisted of a room lined with shelves of volumes, and one stool for anyone to rest upon. Wherever she is at present, IContinue reading “Familiar Connections (A Poem)”

An Observation on Books (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: My creative writing professor had a great deal of wisdom to share throughout his classes.] “Do you realize that books     are a form of technology       in use for such a long time                          we now see them as natural?”    my professor said aloud one day      amidContinue reading “An Observation on Books (A Poem)”