Goodness: A poem — Love13Reading

Goodness inside meGood words into youGoodness I now seeAround myself too Evil words into meGoodness I give to youI think you now seeYou have goodness too Happiness into meSmiles I give to youYou would like to seeWhat happiness feels like too Scowls given to meHappiness returned to youYou are smiling, seeYou are now happy too […]Continue reading “Goodness: A poem — Love13Reading”

Keeper of Tales: A Poem — Love13Reading

Thousand words penned Ten from them only meant Waiting for thoughts to be said But eventually finding them dead  Unwritten stories never truly meant Lifeless characters made then said Finding every hole filled with dread Stories cried waiting to be written  Always a winner I once went Wasting my time on things not to be said My real self taught to never be […]Continue reading “Keeper of Tales: A Poem — Love13Reading”

Yourself: A Poem — Love13Reading

Look to the skies and the paradise aboveAnd calm your mind in worries and sorrowsSing with the wind and the meadows belowBut don’t look to the sadness that is lurking above Ignore the words that the unwise preachAnd walk with the tunes that the wise teachDance with the smiles that come your wayBut don’t care […]Continue reading “Yourself: A Poem — Love13Reading”

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