Journal Entry #24–Scribes*MICRO*Fiction Issue #19 and High Temperature Advice

Issue #19 of Scribes*MICRO*Fiction just got released. One of my drabbles, “A Looking Glass Tale,” appears in this issue, but the wide array of short stories and poetry is great: As with Creative Gems, it feels good to contribute to such a wonderful publication filled with the brilliant works of other writers. On anotherContinue reading “Journal Entry #24–Scribes*MICRO*Fiction Issue #19 and High Temperature Advice”

Journal Entry #23–Kitty Antics

I keep getting blown away by the idea that cats can grip things. My black cat Salem tends to demonstrate this fact whenever she feels I’m working too hard and not paying her enough attention. She has been known to pull books off shelves with quick yanks of her paw, and to play with partiallyContinue reading “Journal Entry #23–Kitty Antics”

Journal Entry #22-Publication Excitement

Warm and happy surprises can come at the most unexpected of times, as with the knowledge that two of my drabbles were accepted by the Fairfield Scribes’ publication Scribes*MICRO*Fiction ( It was wonderful news to wake up with this morning. One of those pieces was “A Looking Glass Tale,” which I’d posted on this blog,Continue reading “Journal Entry #22-Publication Excitement”

Journal Entry #21–Creative Gems Collaboration Released!

A project four months in the making is now available, Creative Gems. My friend Andrea, a brilliant children’s book illustrator, challenged writers to match poems and short stories with her artwork for this collaboration, and every step of the process was exciting to see happen. I was among the more than 20 writers to submitContinue reading “Journal Entry #21–Creative Gems Collaboration Released!”

Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations

My parents own a Crosley radio with a cassette and CD player. It can even play the old records they have kept stashed away in their garage for years, which especially excites my mother. And sometimes I also like to just switch on the radio, rather than the television, to hear music while helping outContinue reading “Journal Entry #19–A Case of Switching Radio Stations”

Journal Entry #18 (Requesting some Writerly Assistance)

It has been more than two months now since I started this WordPress blog. Being on here has been a wonderful experience, especially because I’ve gotten to connect with great writers and friends. My hope is to continue developing the skills and knowledge needed to become a professional writer. To that end, does anyone happenContinue reading “Journal Entry #18 (Requesting some Writerly Assistance)”

Journal Entry #7

Well, this month has gotten off to an interesting start. It turns out that the transcription business that I’ve done a steady stream of assignments for over the course of several years might have trouble getting any work to all its remote transcribers for quite a while, for various reasons (some of them connected toContinue reading “Journal Entry #7”

Journal Entry #5

Whew! This blog is slowly coming together, helped along by an increased knowledge of WordPress. Now all the menu tabs have at least one posting, and I feel a little better about how the site looks. The problem, though, is that “The Literary Serenity Archives” doesn’t seem to pop up when I google its name.Continue reading “Journal Entry #5”

Journal Entry #4

Having a WordPress blog has been a great learning experience, especially when combined with advice gleamed from other bloggers, writing friends, and sources like Writer’s Market. One important thing to keep in mind, it seems, is to continue developing a blog with a specific focus in mind. I started “The Literary Serenity Archives” with theContinue reading “Journal Entry #4”

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