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Journal Entry #15

Happy Easter! Spring really is in full swing now, and it is a time to celebrate new life and fresh starts. So many has happened, but I think life is moving in a brighter direction for me, thanks in part to this WordPress blog, and friends’ advice here and on DeviantArt. Being able to pointContinue reading “Journal Entry #15”

Journal Entry #6

It’s snowing today. Raindrops drummed on the rooftop of my humble home, and the Santa Ana Winds gusts against the windowpanes, so fiercely yesterday evening that I thought the power might go out–but it held firm all through the night. Which made the sudden silence and blanket of white outside all the more enchanting thisContinue reading “Journal Entry #6”

Journal Entry #3

Ah, there’s so much to do! I plan to scour online job boards for potential freelance writing positions, in an effort to pursue my dream of turning that pursuit into a career. Does anyone have a suggestion for what jobs might be the most helpful to writers who are just starting out? Thank you!