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A Late Night Summons (A Dribble)

Retold by Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: A 50-word dribble based on a peculiar, reportedly true tale that I once learned about in passing]. “Please hurry, Mama is sick,” a red-cloaked child begs on the doctor’s doorstep, amid the snowfall.                 The doctor rushes to save a feverish woman. He says her daughter is a hero.Continue reading “A Late Night Summons (A Dribble)”

I’m a Cat — Writer Ravenclaw

The writing prompt from and a list of words to use on national cat day. Softly Nyya cleaned her fangs, ready for her night time adventure. The overcast weather suited her well, and her consumption of cat food meant she had the energy to run. She was the star of her own show, and […]Continue reading “I’m a Cat — Writer Ravenclaw”

The Reverse Carbuncle

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: This is a flash fiction inspired by an earlier drabble, entitled “Teleportation: The First Flounders,” about a crew on a space station where peculiar things happen. It’s mostly meant for fun, although I may or may not create more flash fictions with these same characters.] “What in spaceports is aContinue reading “The Reverse Carbuncle”

An Evening Train (Flash Fiction)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: My brother challenged me to write a short story about a train passing through a station that no one can see. The results were an experimental flash fiction.] Evening has arrived at the small train station. Like many stops along the railway line, it offers a brief pause between oneContinue reading “An Evening Train (Flash Fiction)”