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Journal Entry #42-A Goodreads Author Page

Even though I’ve visited Goodreads occasionally throughout the last few years, and enjoyed getting book recommendations from browsing all the great titles archived on their site, I hadn’t realized how easy they make it for new authors to showcase their works and connect with other authors. This past week, I was able to join theirContinue reading “Journal Entry #42-A Goodreads Author Page”

Halloween Cheer (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Based on an experience I had this Halloween, where I realized just how much fun it was to even just be out and about for errands on that special occasion. It makes me think that maybe I should get dressed up next year. The connections that people can make basedContinue reading “Halloween Cheer (A Poem)”

The Cherished Bonds We Form

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: All good friendships start somewhere. ^_^] We began as strangers              you              and                I        joined only by the thin thread                 of a desire for affection                           to reach out and                               feel the warmth                       known to those who                         have come to share                                   countlessContinue reading “The Cherished Bonds We Form”

Night Music (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: True story.] Once when evening filled the countryside     I felt inspired to pull out my harmonica                  (a simple tremolo)        and serenade the full silver moon         with an idle melody                      that never received a name Seated beside an opened bedroom window      the gentle cadence flowedContinue reading “Night Music (A Poem)”