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Spotlight Poetry – FREE! FREE! FREE! – Anthology – Just Three Lines – A Collection of Small Poems by Goff James – Coming Soon

Originally posted on Art, Music, Photography, Poetry and Quotations:
FREE! FREE! FREE! FROM GOFF JAMES POETRY SLIDESHOW BOOKS PUBLICATIONS Anthology Ready for Publication Volume 1 Part 1 The work will not be published as a downloaded pdf as originally intended but as two FREE separate slideshows published on two different publication days. Each slideshow post…

Writing a Future (A Haiku)

By Joyce Jacobo [Author’s Note: Recently, I learned that a short story I had written, entitled “Furry Angels,” had gotten accepted for an anthology from Chicken Soup for the Soul. It is for an edition of their anthology series that will be known as Lessons Learned from my Cat, due to get released in FebruaryContinue reading “Writing a Future (A Haiku)”

Book trailer Creative Gems — Andrea, Children’s Book Illustrator

Book trailers are quite an important marketing tool these, so I gave it a go for the Creative Gems book project! The deadline for submitting a story is until 31st of May. Please read the guidelines if don’t know about the project. Right now, there are 22 (!) stories and poems from different authors all […]Continue reading “Book trailer Creative Gems — Andrea, Children’s Book Illustrator”