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Journal Entry #43-A Busy Life and Disneyland Plans

Hello, everyone! I hope all of you are doing well. Once again, I’ve been kept busy with various projects and have finally managed to come back to WordPress. With any luck, I’ll soon be able to come on here regularly again–probably within the next two weeks. Time is passing surprisingly quickly so far this year, but there is a lot of excitement ahead.

Like Disneyland.

I haven’t gone there for more than a decade, when I was a young child. But now, as a special birthday present for my brother and to celebrate my mom’s recovery from her leg surgery, my parents, brother, and I will visit Disneyland together. Over the years, I have heard just how much it has grown, but it also looks a bit intimidating with all the crowds and long lines for rides. Even though it looks like fun as well.

Does anyone have any tips for making our trip there the best it can be?


17 thoughts on “Journal Entry #43-A Busy Life and Disneyland Plans

  1. I’d say – leave the expectations at home. Can you go on an off day when there are fewer people? It will be crowded any day of the year, but of course some are worse than others. An express lane pass seems to be a scam – since everyone now buys it, those lines are the same as regular oftentimes. Can you get a wheelchair for your mother? That’s a lot of walking and not many opportunities to sit, I’d say. Bring plenty of patience.

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    1. We’re going to try and go towards the middle of the week in the hopes that will help with the crowds, and we also plan to see if the “virtual queues” have any merit to them. A great deal of things seem to involve using the Disneyland App, and we do have a wheelchair that my mom can use, thankfully. For me, it’s just going to be nice to see the park and area. It’s a place I haven’t seen since I was very young.

      Thank you so much for all the great advice!

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      1. Virtual queues… Hmmm… I remember there was something like that but we didn’t use it (I went a year or so ago?). It annoyed me how much was linked to the app. Since we didn’t really use our phones, we didn’t scan the codes when entering the rides and missed out on a lot of photos. So, if you want to get pics, research that ahead of time.


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