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Journal Entry #42-A Goodreads Author Page

Even though I’ve visited Goodreads occasionally throughout the last few years, and enjoyed getting book recommendations from browsing all the great titles archived on their site, I hadn’t realized how easy they make it for new authors to showcase their works and connect with other authors. This past week, I was able to join their Goodreads Author Program, and now I actually have an author’s page that shows my book Literary Observations, as well as an anthology Seeking Human Kindness, for which I was a contributor.

Here is the link to my author’s page:

I’m just getting started on that front, but it feels like a step in the right direction.

Thank you to everyone for your great advice on ways to promote Literary Observations, including reaching out to local bookstores for signings. It is a nerve-racking but exciting time, and I’ll do my best to share all my experiences, which will hopefully help everyone else.


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