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Goodreads: A Few Facts

Coming across sites dedicated to books and connecting bibliophiles from around the world is always a pleasure, and Goodreads ranks among the most famous of them all. Started in 2007 by Otis and Elizabeth Chandler, this website focuses on helping readers to do such things as keeping track of the literary works they have read or would like to read, connecting with fellow book lovers, and even getting recommendations for stories they might like to check out next.

Here are some other interesting facts about Goodreads:

1) They have an Authors Program that allows authors to set up a special page to highlight their words, maintain a blog, and post quotes they would like to share. The application process is easy to complete, and their team is highly responsive if you need any help tracking down your book title (which they can also add to the database if you can provide a link to it online). This same ability also means that you can reach out to well-established authors such as Neil Gaiman, Cornelia Funke, and more with questions and get them answered.

2) With the right qualifications, you can become a Goodreads Librarian who helps to maintain the records of books in the Goodreads database, corrects typos in the information for books, and more. It is a good opportunity to gain some experience while helping out other bibliophiles.

3) You can join groups on Goodreads composed of individuals with specifics interests to help you connect with, for instance, other lovers of particular literary genres to discuss relevant topics or get suggestions for books to read.

4) You can create bookshelves to categorize the books you have read or would like to read for easy access.

Just a few things to keep in mind! ^_^


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