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An Old Clocktower (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: This poem is something of prelude to a much larger story on which I’m working. Hope you enjoy it!]




stood so tall

in the valley

its origins unknown

aside from vague legends

of ancient artisans whose

great skills when combined

produced a sacred monument

around the very eve

of their disappearance

which now ticks away

like a mighty beacon

and drew residents

who built homes

watched over by it

residents unaware

of how far its roots

truly extended

or its true purpose

except that it exudes an aura

of protection to one and all

bound by its march of time

Each gong seems to call,

“Should you choose to stay here

please remain close

for the bells that ring true

have averted disaster

and chased away a shadow

darker than any you have known

long before your time.”

Would you stay in such a place?

Watched over by an ancient clocktower

put together by mysterious hands

for even more mysterious reasons?

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