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Opened Wings (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Do you often have dreams were you get to fly? The feeling is remarkable.]

Deep in my dreams. . .

           I learned that I could fly

With opened wings                         fully extended

            I took to the skies with just

                                   a little touch of trepidation

Fearful to fall from such a great height

                   the wind soon swelled beneath my feathers

                                          and carried me across broad vistas

                                               where wildflowers danced for the heavens

I will never forget all those colors

                                  or that graceful performance

I could have flown forever

But even now that I am wide awake

                                it is almost enough to know

         those wings are still there

                                    and they will enable me to see

                                                                   countless wonders


21 thoughts on “Opened Wings (A Poem)

      1. I had one significant flying dream that I bounce on an invisible ball on the roof tops and skylines as t night time over a big city, instead of wings I have a bounce ball to help me fly over the’s an exhilarating feeling to see the whole city underneath me.

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