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Journal Entry #41-Literary Observations and Promotion Questions

This past week has been quite busy. We had a lot of rain where I live, and there was even the possibility of snowfall (although it seems to have passed us by for the time being). I have also writing quite a bit every day, working on another much longer story to eventually self-publish.

Literary Observations received another review from a wonderful person who praised it:

Several friends and family members have gotten copies of my book, and it has brought me so much happiness to see the joy the collection has given them. However, I would like to ask for some advice–do you happen to have any ideas for ways to promote Literary Observations and help this work to reach the attention of more people? I know that one thing about self-publishing is the need for self-promotion, but I could use a bit of guidance on that point. ^_^

Hope your weekends are going well!


17 thoughts on “Journal Entry #41-Literary Observations and Promotion Questions

  1. Let me know once you find a good answer.
    If you go the ‘free’ route, you can use your social media to nag people to buy it.
    Aside from that, as someone mentioned, you can take it to a local bookstore and see what you can do there. Organize a signing? However, I myself have not had such luck. Took an anthology in which my story was included to a local library and… they took it from my hands, and then… nothing happened. It’s not available at the library. Kind of broke my heart.

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    1. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with promoting your own story. I had also thought of donating a copy to my local library as well, but that’s really tragic. Organizing a signing at a local bookstore does sound like a good idea, though.

      The interesting thing is that I’m also getting a few tips based on the fact that I was able to get one of my stories published by Chicken Soup for the Soul–and now I’ve received quite a few emails talking about how to promote that cat-themed anthology, including book signings and informing a local newspaper about it. So, I’m wondering if some of those techniques might help as well.

      For the moment, I’ve been mostly bringing it up on social media, and I was able to establish an author’s page on Goodreads to highlight it while connecting with other writers. It looks like you can also highlight works where you are a contributor as well, though, so maybe you would like to give that a shot? In which anthology did your work appear, by the way? ^_^

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