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The Games That Rabbits Play (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Even though it has been chilly, the rabbits near where I live are as playful as ever. Have you ever watched rabbits having fun?]

Early this morning I peered outside

   where the grass sparkled with dew

   after a night serenaded by rainfall

Two rabbits sat face-to-face

    bunched up into puffy balls

    noses twitched on occasion

Until . . .

          one of the rabbits rushed the other

                             who hopped



                               into the air

                        then twisted about

As the first rabbit paused and turned

         to the second rabbit

They again faced each other

        stretched out a bit more now

        the nose twitches quickened

Until . . .

                    the second rabbit charged

     While the first rabbit hopped



                       into the air

It was a game they played

      and I watched for half an hour

The pair became such good friends

       that they started to graze together


united by their playtime session


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