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A Creative Writing Morning (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: It feels good to be able to spend certain mornings working creative pieces, especially as a New Year gets underway. When is your favorite time to write during the day?]

I’m going to have a Creative Writing Morning

    right after a hearty breakfast for strength and endurance

         to plunge into the depths of Imagination

                    where anything can emerge

I am going to equip myself accordingly for the task ahead

      with a sturdy notebook

                  plenty of pens

                  sharpened pencils

                          and a steaming cup of green tea

                          just for a bit of an extra treat

          accompanied by a sleepy black kitty

                     who often gurgles and rolls over

                      for an all-too-important belly scratch

                      between ideas and considerations

I will open the window to let in a fresh breeze

      and listen to the cadences of a light drizzle

      pattering along the wooden fence near my window

                                                                    atop the roof

                                                           and upon the grass below

I can be in this world of milky, clouded skies and rainfall

      while also venturing forth among landscapes of various climes

      that suggest developments even as I shape each segment

                          of printed text

A Creative Writing Morning…

      this happy reality spent in the creation of fantasies

                  and a dream come true


18 thoughts on “A Creative Writing Morning (A Poem)

    1. When I’m able to enjoy them, I definitely do–although most of the time I wound up having to write throughout the day in-between other activities, honestly. Late evening is a great time to write. Does it help you fall asleep easier as well, just out of curiosity? ^_^

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      1. I think so. You just slow down and I think that helps your body ‘get ready’ for sleep instead of hopping in to bed without missing a beat. However, I have been known to exercise right before bed, so maybe it’s just me.

        Liked by 1 person

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