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Spirit Mouse (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: This poem is based on the game “The Spirit and the Mouse,” where a little mouse runs around helping sad people in a certain town. It’s a very uplifting little game, and here is a trailer on YouTube to show what it looks like:]

Among moonlit streets and natural shadows

slips a mouse charged with divine thunder

aware of the silence in the town around her

caused by a gradual slippage into sadness


Hers is a small voice little more than a squeak

forever unnoticed by the human inhabitants

yet she still watches them and weeps

at their loneliness in the darkness


The mouse ventures from one generator to the next

advised by elemental helpers born of lightning

sent from higher powers to illuminate sorrowful hearts

for the sake of a love that can brighten the world


One after another the lights flicker on throughout the town

as the mouse expends whatever energy she can muster

without a single moment to rest her weary head

until windows creak open to let in cool breezes

glances connect between residents

and smiles spread across faces–

the most radiant lights of all


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