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Journal Entry #36–Self-Publication Preparations

One of my biggest dreams is to make a career as a full-time writer, and so recently I’ve pulled together a collection of my short stories and poems to self-publish through Amazon. At long last, I believe that my manuscript has been properly formatted, with a table of contents and all the pieces I’d like to include in it. I was also able to get ISBNs for distribution.

The biggest thing now is navigating the whole self-publication process through Amazon. Does anyone have any tips? If you have used their system before, what have your experiences been like with them? Anything could help out a great deal.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!


17 thoughts on “Journal Entry #36–Self-Publication Preparations

    1. Thanks. One of the hardest things for me in terms of getting the manuscript has been the formatting. Amazon has some great templates for helping on that front, but it turns out my open-field style of poetry had some troubles when I tried to get everything ready for a novel-sized book. It has been wonderful, though.

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