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Written Candle Wishes (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on a true story I heard about a woman known for lighting a lot of candles with wishes for the sake of others. As the tale goes, she was a well-known, charitable person in a certain neighborhood who would fill her yard with candles each Christmas. On the Christmas after she passed away, her neighbors lit their own candles in front of her empty home by which to remember her and to keep the tradition of well-wishing alive.]

I heard of a woman who every Christmas

                          lit candles to give her wishes

                         to those around the world

                        in need of extra comfort

For people she knew and would never know

             such as for her family members to find true happiness

                       or for lost children to reach their homes safely

                       or for the terminally ill to improve in health

That kindly soul could fill her whole backyard

                       with all the wishes she wanted to give

                       they got sent out through candleflames

                       which flickered in the winter darkness

But this year she cannot light those many candles

                        so I choose to light them in my own way

                       through the only method I able to offer

                       in the form of a very simple poem

It is a candle formed by words across a page

                       with a bright flame ignited by anyone

                        able to read the hopes that are here

                        for everyone throughout the world

As the charitable woman would always do

                       I give my best wishes to those in need

                       for the sick in mind or body to get well

                       and that compassion will hold them close

I also wish the candlelight set out in this very spot

                       will encourage other people to make candles

                       lit by words that relate their best wishes

                       during the holiday season and into the future


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