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“Natural Magic” and “Mindfulness” by PrecariouslyPeculiar

[Note: The two poems that follow are both by PrecariouslyPeculiar (but you can also call her Ku ^_^), a masterful and compassionate writer whose works are awesome on many levels. I would encourage you to check out her whole gallery on DeviantArt. Enjoy!]

Natural Magic

A winterstruck carnival

Sits on a winding hill,

Draped all in moonlight,

Underneath purple skies.

But then,

There is also


Flitting about—


On its feathers

It often



Gradient in scale,

From snow,

To fire,


To black of pitch.

But when times are well,

Raven circles the moon,

And its quill-like feathers

Become blue of the seas

And lilac of empathy.

Thus, in my solace,

I am of the moon,

For the carnival

Is of my mind—

But otherwise, I

Must continue to grow.

To the founders

Of the carnival in me,

Who call it home,

I thank you, too:

Owl, doe and wolf.

Wisest owl

Threads order

Through chaos,

Needles inside

Of function;

Sweet, gentle doe

Ensures the safety

Of every play

And attraction;

Excitable wolf

Makes an adventure

Of carnival’s design

In land and in marks,

As reflection.

The carnival

Is the forest

For the trees,

Seen in icy light

Of animals

Of my spirit,

Who fly and trot

The very dance

Of life,

Long shadows

Tossed up on trees

Their partners.

But whenever I

Fail to see,

There descends

In lazy, spiraling arcs

A quill-like feather

Before the moon

In purple skies.


You are the grey,

Indeterminate lands

Beyond my eyelids,

Suffused with pink

Of sakura trees in bloom.

You are the choice

To come in clutch

With a cwtch

And knowing the above

Is slightly cringe,

But that that’s okay.

You are verdant fields,


Into vivacious warmth

Of a fireplace

By a nook,

Then vibrant shimmer

Of a sea

Past window and cliff—

A feeling

Of calm.

You are the act

Of strolling

Through gardens

Of wit,

Observing colours

And the plaques

That hold

Their meaning,

Picking out vegetables

That will grace

Sheet pans,

Providing a meadow

Tucked away

Just so,

In which to move

With intention,



And pose

My mantra.

You are an example

Of a few

Of my favourite words:

You are wonderful;

You are solace.

You are…

[Author’s Bio:

Hello! I go by PrecariouslyPeculiar on social media, but I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, so feel free to call me Ku! I wrote prose growing up, but I started my poetry journey just a couple of years ago with haikus. I write purely free-verse poetry now as well as short fictional prose. My goal with all of my works is to tell stories—narratives about the magic and shadows of humanity. When I’m not writing, I enjoy working out and learning new things. Eventually, I hope to publish my work as well!

Link to PrecariouslyPeculiar’s Instagram –…

Link to PrecariouslyPeculiar’s DeviantArt:]


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