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A Majestic Bird… (A Haiku)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on an actual event. We always get the powerful Santa Ana Winds near where I live, and they have been known to carry out any number of objects. One year, they carried off a parrot-shaped kite we had accidentally left unattended outside. Goodness, that made for an interesting and unexpected sight soaring right past the kitchen window!]

Carried by the wind

a mighty bird-shaped kite soars

without a handler


20 thoughts on “A Majestic Bird… (A Haiku)

    1. Oh, nice! The Santa Ana Winds have been a part of my life ever since childhood as well, and despite the mischief they can cause, I cannot help but smile at their antics sometimes. I wish I could have snapped a photograph of that time as well. It was kind of a blink and you would miss it moment.

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