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Beneath the Mountaintop (A Haiku)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Another major legend comes from the oldest residents in my area, those with family ties that go back centuries upon centuries. It is important to remember their stories and pass them along, such as this one about a shaman who turned wicked, sought to steal souls, and got defeated by the bravest souls in their community, who trapped him beneath the peak of a certain mountain. Even today, the sounds of rumbling and more in that mountain area and canyon are said to be caused by him, among similar phenomena.]

Defeated by good

he makes his trapped presence known

through earthly rumbles

8 thoughts on “Beneath the Mountaintop (A Haiku)

    1. Thanks. I love learning about the stories from my hometown area. It gives a place a whole other layer of wonder. Are there some local legends of a similar nature around where you live?


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