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Woman in White (A Haiku)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I have heard quite a few versions of a ghost story where a “woman in white” will ask people for rides home, only for the drivers to realize it was directly to a cemetery. In certain retellings, the mysterious woman will have been known in some way to the driver, who then calls her home later–only to learn from bereaved family members that she had passed away shortly before the late-night ride took place. Stories of women in white trying to find their way home seem to be pretty widespread, for some odd reason. Have you ever heard this type of tale before?]

Oh, woman in white

always looking for a ride

to your final rest

18 thoughts on “Woman in White (A Haiku)

      1. I haven’t read any just heard about some through word of mouth, for example,my father used to tell the story of a friend of his that was driving in a dark road when he met a beautiful woman in white. She was hitchhiking and he gave her a ride home.They had great conversations and genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. They ended the night with a kiss when he dropped her off. He thought her lips were cold but blamed it on the cool night. When he got home he noticed she left her purse behind.He took off to her house only to find that it was no longer there . Instead he found a tombstone with her name and birthday on it.
        I made it short but heard plenty like this since they always fascinated me.πŸ’•

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      2. Oooh, I remember hearing Woman in White stories of that particular nature before, and they’re always fascinating. And it’s even more intriguing that you were able to see it get passed along.

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    1. I think there are a few movies available that mention it, which only increases me curiosity about how this particular type of legend got started. It sounds as if, according to some sources, the hitchhiking aspect of it might be more than 400 years old. Whew!

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  1. We have a variation of this tale and many more about hitchhiking apparitions,,,One is the Cegua who is a beautiful woman at first, asking to take her to the next town, when she is in the car, she turns into a monster with the head of a horse..and the hapless victim dies of fright. We have a whole book out on these tales…fascinating!

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  2. Don’t even stop, just keep on driving (especially after looking up Cegua, referenced above in comments) . . . what I read about Cegua reminds me of the tall [scary] Germanic tales meant to scare children from unwanted behaviors.

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    1. It definitely seems to be in a similar tradition, and perhaps that’s one reason why that type of story persists and has taken new forms over the years. There is something very chilling about the fact that the person you give a lift to might not be all that they seem.

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