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Humble Gifts (Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: A few days ago, my father surprised me with a wooden block calendar that he’d changed the phrasing on to reflect some of my interests. It was a nice reminder that the smallest gifts can mean a great deal, especially when given with love.]

Sometimes the sweetest gifts

      are quiet              and humble

           like small projects done

                        by nightfall

                    with generous mischief

                                 at their hearts

This morning       you left out a cup of tea

             just for me

                       to savor as I began my workday

         but more than thatβ€”

                                you left me a fond memory

In return

         I will craft this poem       

                just for you

                      as a reminder that the simplest kindnesses

                                   have a way of making

                                         impressions that remain

                                                     for a long time to come


20 thoughts on “Humble Gifts (Poem)

  1. Kindness is my favorite virtue; not that I’m kind all of the time! But, I wholeheartedly agree that kindness makes impressions for a long time to come. Thanks for sharing your poem with us!

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