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Journal Entry #30–Violin Update and First Day of Autumn on the Way

On my journey to get better at the violin, I bought a book of easy, Disney-themed violin sheet music. The selection ranges from older classics like “Baby Mine” from Dumbo to more recent releases such as “Let It Go” from Frozen. Knowing the songs that I’m playing has also made a difference in learning how to read the sheet music notes, and now I can mostly get by without needing to keep a fingering chart immediately in front of me.

Playing the violin has been great stress relief after all the chaos of the Fairview Fire, which I’m happy to report is pretty much out. The weather has even cooled down considerably since the tropical storm swept past. And all the while, we’ve gotten closer and closer to the official start of Autumn.

Does anyone have any special plans for the first day of Autumn, by the way?


16 thoughts on “Journal Entry #30–Violin Update and First Day of Autumn on the Way

  1. I totally admire you for learning violin..It, along with cello, are my favorite instruments…Good for you and keep playing Joyce…I love that you are doing this ( and you are no longer 6!) I started piano at 8, and still play, ahhh but the violin!!!

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