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Storied Enchantments (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: I’ve looked up to master wordsmiths all my life. They can fill the lives of people with so much joy, and in my mind they are true wizards capable of casting spells and enchantments on their audiences.]

On stormy afternoons

 when tears




I wish to weave stories
    that can bring

      a glimmer


 from between the clouds
    for anyone
      who might ache
        in the same way

Stories are the means
 by which I know
  how to touch
    the hearts of others…

      …to give comfort
           when troubles
           press down hard
             and murky clouds
             loom on the horizon

 A smile at a tale well-told
   is a triumph
    against devastation–

      like a warm blanket
        offered for protection

Every happy idea
 inscribed onto a page
  becomes a means to remember
    the little blessings
       bountiful in our world
         to hold onto
           like guides

  …shared to help
      anyone who reads them
       find steadier footing

Masterful wordsmiths
 can inspire and empower
    with just the right

 I look upon them with awe
   and strive to learn
    their secrets

  … as one who aspires
        to inspire


19 thoughts on “Storied Enchantments (A Poem)

  1. Wonderfully expressed. We as writers often use words to help us process whatever emotions we are feeling, share them with the world, and offer help to those that might need it. These are just words and won’t make a huge, world-changing impact, but I believe they can make people think, make them smile, make them empathize, etc.

    This post of yours gave me an idea for a potential arrangement of stories, should I ever choose to publish them – by emotions. That way, you could open the book and know where to read something that you might need at a given time.

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