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Autumn Delights (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Yet another Autumn-themed poem, but I’m just looking forward to Autumn so much. However, even now, certain flavors and special little twists of the season have started to appear. What are your favorite treats of the season?]

Spices waft through the crisp air

      like promises of change—




                   while tree leaves shift their fashions

                                to maple syrup hues

                                  right before they

                                       drop down

                          and perform rustling melodies

                                        in bunches

                                   across the ground

To further the transformation

          corn mazes grow tall

                                          pumpkins show off carved grimaces

                             and people assume disguises

                                                           for spooky            magical occasions        

But what I love                            best of all

        are the fantastic stories spun by expert weavers—

               such as those found around great bonfires

                      where people dance and apple cider flows as freely

                                        as accounts of phantoms


                                                and other mysterious forces

Memories from the past

     intermingle with legends from centuries ago

           which together pass between generations

                            . . . much like the ending of one chapter in life

                                                               and the beginning of the next


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