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A Little Spider Tale (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Inspired by a conversation with my father, who encouraged me to write a short piece on a spider who had taken up residence in my parents’ bathroom.]

Here is a little tale

     of a small spider with a long-legged name

          who lives upon a thin web

                  in a room known for its bath

                         but which is helpful in many      other ways

Each day        this small spider

     crouches in the narrow space

            right behind air fresheners and toothpaste

        then springs out when less knowledgeable insects

                  get caught in her silken bed of threads

                          from which most            will never escape

Miniature struggles

      take place on a regular basis in this corner

             overlooked by larger visitors from the wider room beyond whom

                            can only catch glimpses of the complex realm presided over

                                     by this one                little spider

                                                  in her valiant quest

                                                                                  for survival


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