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Journal Entry #26–I’m Getting a Violin!

I happened to come across a reasonably priced violin on Amazon recently. Having always admired the sweet songs that violins can create, and curious about trying out a stringed instrument, I placed an order for it.

Then my family members learned about this move, and started rushing out to order things like beginning violin books and a special shoulder rest to use once the violin actually arrives (towards the end of this week)–which is a bit overwhelming because now I feel I definitely need to get good at the violin now to make all those kind gestures worthwhile.

Does you have any experience playing the violin? How easy is it to learn this instrument, and is there any advice you would give to a beginner?

On a similar note, even if it’s not the violin, what instruments can you play? I’m curious. ^_^


35 thoughts on “Journal Entry #26–I’m Getting a Violin!

  1. So exciting, and what a beautiful instrument. I once held a violin, pretending to know how to play a short, rehearsed tune on cue (4th-grade play part). Actually can play woodwind instruments (band education), lots of years on those–not so much recently. Although, I did purchase an old wooden clarinet a few years ago–an affordable vintage that still needs a key adjustment.

    Congratulations, hope you’ll have a great time with it!

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    1. OOoooh, wonderful! I’ve done all right on the piano and harmonica, but the violin will be my first stringed instrument. Which woodwind instruments can you play? ^_^ The clarinet, in particular, produces a beautiful sound, so it’s cool you can play that as well.

      I’ll do my best! ^_^


      1. The violin and piano seemed like more work of a possibly impossible nature to me I suppose, but then again I never had lessons and none of our school bands had access to those instruments.

        Harminoca….that’s another one that I presume to be too difficult. I have one, but haven’t pursued it.

        We did have concert season and of course marching band performance had its season–with sport and UIL being the primary focus points of that school. I was into music the way some choose sport: complete dedication. Was never really interested in brass, so over the years focused on any iteration of woodwind accessible to me. This only required learning two completely distinct fingerings in order to enjoy most clarinet and saxophone iterations. Never was very interested in flute, either, but maybe never had the chance. It was near impossible to branch at all, given resistance of director to leave a chair. Could go on and on about my music years, abruptly abandoned at graduation. It was years before I bought my own instrument, the clarinet, which is where I started.

        I hope you’ll get unlimited enjoyment in your newest musical endeavor. The violin …your arms are going to hurt so bad at first!

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      2. Goodness, that’s impressive! I know you took a break after graduation, but I definitely want to applaud you. It’s amazing that you were able to throw yourself in music so completely, and it sounds like you had a great experience.

        I can read basic piano sheet music, but I honestly do most pieces by ear. Once you get a sense of where the notes are, and can kind of predict the raise in tone from key to key, it is easier to learn the piano from there. Meanwhile, harmonicas have been called “mouth organs,” but they really have the same rising and falling of tones as pianos do, in many ways (so I’ve almost approached them like a woodwind version of a piano, if that makes sense).

        Anyway, thank you for your encouragement. I’ll do my best and will definitely be reporting my progress on the violin as time progresses.

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    1. Oooh, even being able to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star would be a grand achievement. That’s cool. I’ll try to make it one of the first songs I attempt. Thank you!

      Have you played any other instruments? ^_^

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