A Gripping Kitty (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on my cat, and events previously mentioned elsewhere on this blog. ^_^]

Oh, my sweet black kitty

    you have become

                the Queen of Gripping

From books tugged by their tops

                                 off my bookshelves

              to towels shoveled

                                         out of cupboards

                                                   upon the hallway floor

The sounds of you opening cabinet doors

                   just wide enough for them to slam shut again

                               echoes throughout the house

                                          and breaks into

                                                 my deepest work sessions—

                                      sometimes accompanied by

                                                             mewling calls

But always                    there you will sit

          near the scene of the incident

                to gaze at me with bright      yellow eyes

                         as if to declare,

                                “Look at what I did—

                                               aren’t you proud?”

                                         …a flurry Queen of Gripping

                                                            and Mischief

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