Journal Entry #24–Scribes*MICRO*Fiction Issue #19 and High Temperature Advice

Issue #19 of Scribes*MICRO*Fiction just got released. One of my drabbles, “A Looking Glass Tale,” appears in this issue, but the wide array of short stories and poetry is great: As with Creative Gems, it feels good to contribute to such a wonderful publication filled with the brilliant works of other writers.

On another note, we’re stuck in the middle of another major heatwave. What are some of your favorite ways to cool down?

12 thoughts on “Journal Entry #24–Scribes*MICRO*Fiction Issue #19 and High Temperature Advice

  1. Good job! I read most of the other stories – a great read to start the day.
    Something cool? Jumping into the pool definitely helps. Walking into a store (especially the freezer aisle) keeps me cool for the next 7 days. Iced tea always helps!

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    1. Yay, glad you’re enjoy Issue #19. It has been fun to look up various archives of flash fiction, in general, of course. I never realized just how many of them there were available online.

      Thank you for the tips! The freezer section of a store definitely has its benefits during a heatwave, and iced tea is always tasty. ^_^

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