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Journal Entry #23–Kitty Antics

I keep getting blown away by the idea that cats can grip things. My black cat Salem tends to demonstrate this fact whenever she feels I’m working too hard and not paying her enough attention. She has been known to pull books off shelves with quick yanks of her paw, and to play with partially opening and closing cabinet doors.

More recently, though, she has found a new delight in this vein–fully opening the closet door in the hallway, then sitting beside it until I come to find her, as if to say, “Look what I did!”

Has anyone been in similar situations with their kitties, or heard stories about these types of circumstances?


14 thoughts on “Journal Entry #23–Kitty Antics

    1. Hehe. I guess it just goes to show that every cat is an individual, with the ability to surprise us with their antics. I’ve also seen my cat simply reach out and grab small tubes in one fluid movement–like something out of a show. It’s just impressive.

      By the way, did you happen to see one of my recent journal entries, discussing getting “A Looking Glass Tale” published by Scribes*MICRO*Fiction? I tried to tag you in there, but I had difficulty doing so. However, like there, I wanted to thank you for encouraging me to rework it; it’s that version that has gotten published.

      I’m also going to post another journal entry, shortly, giving a link to where it has been published as well.

      Thank you again!

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