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A DIY Wall Calendar (A Poem)

By Joyce Jacobo

[Author’s Note: Based on a true story. My parents had a really neat wooden calendar with interchangeable pieces, and I tried to find one of my own recently. The unfortunate thing is they are difficult to find in stores, and one that I ordered online wound up being a bit too small. So I decided to try making one myself, and the results seemed to come out just fine.]

I ordered a wooden calendar

     like one fondly remembered from childhood

           that had a frame

                 alongside small pieces

                          used to organize the months

                                    and rearrange the days of each week

                                           for a calendar

                                                    made to last forever

It was a calendar

    which was difficult for me to find

                    until (or so I thought)

            I found the one


                                                   but it was smaller than expected

                                                             and unable to accommodate all the dates

                                                                        based on the month

So…          I made one

     from empty soda can boxes

                                                     to create the frame

                                                                      and pieces

                    with colored   printer paper for holders

                                                                      and designs

                                  brought together thanks to

                                         a great deal of tape

A makeshift creation

           peculiar and flawed

                           …yet it is my own



                                                         that I now know

                                                              I can recreate


                                                                        and again


6 thoughts on “A DIY Wall Calendar (A Poem)

  1. I miss having a calendar on the wall. I used to buy one every year, but now that’s a waste of money. This perpetual one is a great idea.

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